Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stoopid Thing I Did

Today I had an appointment with a young man I'd never met in the lobby of a large government building to have him sign some papers.  I took the Princess with me since she had some things she needed to do and more importantly, to keep me company...(it is all about me, after all).  We walk in all fat, dumb & happy and go to the end of the waiting line for service.  There's one young man in front of me so I thought I'd see if it was the guy I'm there to meet.  This is our conversation.

Me:  "Hi, are you Matthew?"

SHE:  "NO"

Me:   Please God, let the ground swallow me up (to myself)

Me:   Silently mouthing to the Princess "It's a girl!!!  Did you see?...I just asked
          that girl if she was "Matthew"....

Princess:  Trying very hard not to laugh out loud at me obviously being a moron "mouthing" what I'd just done...like she didn't hear me while standing a whole six inches away from me..

I do shit like this all the time...it's the stoopidist thing.