Monday, March 14, 2011

The Psychic

One of my Old Chix friends and I went to a psychic/medium/healer yesterday. This is a woman we have both known for years who now has (in addition to her regular job) an office where she does her psychic gig. She actually has a sign she hangs on the door that says "The Witch Is In" which I totally loved. The girl has always had a great sense of humor.

Our newly practicing Psychic Friend (this is how I'm now going to think of her...conveniently abbreviated to "PF") told us all her life she'd had "feelings" and premonitions that would come true and after thinking she was crazy for a good portion of her life, started taking classes on alternative belief's (she was formerly Catholic) and even went to some Harry Potterish school in England to study. I wanted to interject that I, too, had "feelings", but it somehow seemed inappropriate to point this out seeing as how mine are usually satisfied by some type of food product...usually ice cream.

PF does her thing sort of like John Edwards, she throws out dates, initials of names, etc. and hopefully you'll relate to something or someone. OC (Old Chix) went first.

Say your name three times. That's how it begins. So OC said her name and I had a tablet where I was supposed to write things down that didn't make sense or that OC couldn't relate to. Maybe later they would make sense. I pretty much failed as a scribe from the beginning. I wrote down a couple of initials, then my mind started to usual.

What if I said the wrong name three times??? Now this wouldn't work in this situation, because PF knows us. But what if we'd gone to a complete stranger? Who didn't know us? If I gave a fake name three times would PF get a bunch of strangers unrelated to me in her head all clamoring to have their voices heard? Or would my peeps still pop up? Would the PF see big STOP signs in her head telling her I was a BFL (Big Fat Liar)??? I really want to try this...just to see.

I did find out a couple of interesting things. Not everybody dreams like I do. OC doesn't. I have really vivid colorful dreams. Very realistic but odd. I'm turn into super woman in my dreams, I can fly if I need to, I can breathe under water. The only real downside to the realism is that sometimes they're really scary...and I can't hit or scream. Every time I scream, no sound comes out...I try, and try, and still I have no voice. My husband shook me awake one time when I was trying to scream (in my dream) but in reality, I was doing a deep monotone "ahhhhhhh". Sort of like a mentally handicapped person who can't talk. When I try to hit someone, usually my hitting arm moves in slow motion so the blow carries no wallop...this is soooo frustrating. I really want to smack someone...bad...and I can't.

I's "all about me"

So the PF got some things right and some things wrong but the one thing I'm grateful for is she told OC that she needs to go to the doctor and have a checkup, (which OC has consistently said she will never do). No mammograms or colonoscopy's for her, no effing way. Will this change her mind? I hope so. If it does, the trip was totally worth it.

PF also said she thought I was doing something "online". She thought it might be some type of business. Since she went on to use the word "business", I said no, but was that the right thing to say? The reason I said no was because I hadn't told anyone I was doing this blog. Now I feel guilty. Should I have fessed up? Should I tell her? I'm in a quandary. Should I do the right her and tell her she was kinda right??? But if she's really psychic, shouldn't she have known???
I feel all this guilt and I'm not even's the Stoopidist Thing.

P.S.  Guilt won out...I called & told her.