Sunday, March 27, 2011

Food Intake - Day Six

Diet Pepsi

1 Asian Pear

1 Colby Cheddar cheese stick

1 Banana

A few almonds ...I didn't count...but, I didn't have as many as usual....mostly because I don't really like almonds as well and that's all that's left in jar...those and Brazil nuts which will end up in the garbage when I get down to those.

Does anyone really eat Brazil nuts? Nobody ever ate them and somehow they always made their way into my Xmas stocking. Yes at my house, Santa annually dropped an orange and some Brazil nuts into the toe of my stocking. These are what parents of limited means refer to as stocking fillers...stuff that can cheaply fill up a stocking and not cost an arm and a leg. When my son was little, Santa left him a jar of sweet pickles in his stocking..but he LOVED sweet pickles...I hated Brazil nuts. I sound a little bitter, don't I??? My son left Santa a bowl of M&M's for a milk & cookies at our house...and guess what??? Santa LOVED them. I've gotten off track again...

2 Handfuls of M&M's

2 Handfuls of Tostitos (When I ran spell check, these are the options I was given for Tostitos- Testators, Tomtits (WTF???), Tomtit's (More WTF???), Testates, Toasties...apparently brand names are unknown to my spell check friend.)

1 Lean Cuisine (I realize the fact the I'm eating "Lean Cuisine" is the most ridiculous thing in the world after eating all of the above...but I really like the Chicken Carbonara)

2 Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwich bars (Again, ridiculous, but delicious.) All in all, I don't think it's as bad as the days before...but then again, what do I know???  It's the stoopidist thing.