Monday, March 21, 2011

Food Intake Day Two

Diet Pepsi

Asian Pear...peeled and neatly cut into chunks
(Please God don't let the shame induced addition of fresh fruit into my diet give me the scoots at know how I hate to poop in office bathrooms...I don't want to end up being a sneak-a-pooper.)

Baby Bella cheese wheel

(20 cashews, 3 macadamia halves...not even whole macadamias...jeesh)

2 fun size Hershey bars

1 Kit Kat bit (this was really tiny)

1 lunch size bag of Lays potato chips

15 almonds (I'm already resorting to counting them out...I haven't started lying yet)

1 Colby Cheddar Cheese stick

7 almonds (this may work...I've noticeably cut down)

1 small bag of circus animals cookies...the frosted kind. (I know there supposed to be no difference but I like the pink ones best. It doesn't stop me from eating the white ones too though.)

6 or 8 cashews. Costco dog grilled on a piece of white bread w/mayo & ketchup. (Totally white trash I know, but what can I say??? I also love, love, love bologna on white bread w/mayo. I blame my parents for my trashy food likes & dislikes. Since they're both dead, there's nobody to contradict me, now is there? Does that make me an orphan?)

3 bites of left over Rib Eye

Several cashews

Fudge Bar

Fudge Bar

This is kinda embarrassing. I mean, I know I eat a lot of junk, but I eat almost nothing but junk. I don't think I'm this bad all the time. I don't remember how long I said I was going to do this but if it stays like this, the experiment is definitely going to be cut short. I mean, why would someone deliberately humiliate herself (is that supposed to be two words or one?)'s the stoopidist thing.