Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food For The Day - Monday

I've decided to start over and actually try to curb my sugar, fat, carb, caloric intake.  Looking back I think I can see where I'm going wrong...it's all the crap I'm shoving in my face.  Maybe if I'd just keep the pie hole shut and stop shoving junk into it all day long my pants would fit.  Just a thought.  I may be wrong...first time in 2011 (just kidding).

Diet Pepsi
1 Container of Activia Yogurt (I'm not going for the intestinal benefits here, I just like the taste...please, please, please don't make me poop at work.)

I walked by the bowl of jelly beans and almost grabbed some.  I want them really bad.

I ate a cheese stick...Colby cheddar.  Immediately following I ate two York Peppermint Patty's...I can't believe how weak and spineless I am.  I have no will power whatsoever.  WTF is wrong with me???  I didn't even really think about it when I ate them.  Okay, I didn't think about the first one, but I did think about the second one.

One orange followed by six Triscuits and a piece of Havarti cheese.  (I'm trying not to let my stumble earlier affect the rest of my day...I still really want to dip into the bowl of jelly beans....they're calling me.)

I ate two more peppermint patty's at work.  And about 10 almonds. 

Once I got home, I ate 3 chocolate chip cookies...and, get this...another Lean Cuisine.   I should have gone riding after work...I wouldn't have eaten so much.  But the dogs got out of the yard and I went home to fix the radio fence.  Lately things have been going wrong...collars quit working...the receiver box quits working...there's breaks in the wire...I dunno...

So I get home and trudge down to the pump shed...gonna fix it...

I have to say here, The Husband loves to build sheds.  Some people live on property dotted with beautiful shrubbery...I live on property dotted with sheds.  I told him the next shed he builds has to be a two story shed.  At least it would be a little different...a shed with character.  Pretty soon I expect him to build connecting covered walkways between his sheds.  Kind of like the Winchester Mystery House...the white trash version. I figure it's the natural course of events to come at our house.  But it makes him happy and we're old and this is one of the few things he can still do...we have to take our happiness where we can find it...

Anyway, I go into said shed (I could go off on a Seussian session here...but I won't) and unplug the radio receiver box, unhook the wires and hook them all back up the way it was.  Pretty thmaaart don't you think???  I turn the dial (which sets the boundary limit) and immediately hear the Cartoon Dog yelp...guess she was too close...at least I know her collar works.  I turn the dial the other way and start over...another Cartoon yelp...now I feel really bad.  I've shocked the poor dog twice in a row...but...at least the light is out and I think that's my goal.  At least it was with the old box. 

Hiking back up to the house, I'm looking for the Cartoon Dog.  There she is hiding under the trailer.  I feel really bad because she's the only one who stays in the yard even when she doesn't have her collar on...and she's the dunder who gets shocked.  I swap collars and put the one I know works on little one eyed Jasper.  Roxie is over at the neighbors visiting the Hooligans (that's what I call the neighbor's dogs).  When she comes home, she'll sit patiently outside the fence waiting for me to come remove her collar so she can cross the boundary.  She's pretty smart.  She knows how to beat the fence.  It may be time to put up a real fence to keep her in.  We shall see.

The fabulous part is I only ate one, count 'em, one fudge bar tonight...it's the stoopidist thing.