Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BM...An Acronymn

Now that we've become proponents for the sport of Boss Mocking, what could be better than an acronym???  And how convenient that BM just happens to be the acronym.  Not only do we have the sport to laugh about we now have a whole new reason to behave like third graders.

Just so there's no confusion about the world I was raised, BM is the acronym for bowel movement.  When I went to work in my current job, there was a Mexican guy who liked to refer to himself as the "Brown Man"...BM for short.  He'd never heard of a bowel movement referred to as a BM.  I'm ashamed to admit I took great pleasure in listening to this guy call himself BM...and I never told him about the other "true" acronym...bowel movement.  Unfortunately for me, one of his friends eventually told him and he stopped calling himself BM.  It was hysterical while it lasted though.

Today, in our office, we managed to achieve an all time high level of immaturity.  Sad but true.  Here's a few of the new acronym usages...

"Is it BM time?"
"Wow, I could use a good BM session."
"Hey, let's have a group BM."
"Time for a good BM."

And then we laugh hysterically when we say's definitely the stoopidist thing.