Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doggie Treats

Can someone please explain to me why when a dog sees a litter box full of cat turds they smile and say "yummmmm"?????

The Cartoon Dog (Briley) snuck into the laundry room this morning to steal cat food...or so I thought.  When I walked in, there she was with her head completely inside the litter box.  (She had already decimated the food bowl)

When I yelled at her, it was more out of disgust than any anger.  What on earth could even be remotely appealing about munching on a sand coated cat turd?

I wish dogs could talk and explain to me what they find so wonderful about eating cat turds.  I dunno...they'd probably say it tastes like chicken.

There are few things on earth more disgusting than cat poop.  Dog shit is bad, but I think on the list of disgusting things cat poop is right up there at the top.

Rotting corpses are supposed to be really bad, but having never actually smelled one, I can't say.  Rotting meat smells really bad so I guess a rotting body would be pretty bad too.  "They" say you never forget the smell of a rotting body...I hope I never have to find out.

Speaking of rotting, I pulled a liquid zucchini out of my refrigerator crisper/rotter yesterday.  Thankfully it was in a plastic bag.  This is what happens when I try to be healthy and end up hiding all the "healthy" food in the crisper/rotter.  I always seem to keep the good snackage right out on the counter in easy reach...

Occasionally I'll find a potato in the back of the cupboard that's rotten.  You always smell it first.  I've actually had them sprout really really long sprouts...vines almost...right there in the cupboard.  How come some of them just rot and some sprout???? 

I'm sure I'll end up dwelling on this throughout the day...I can't help it...it's the stoopidist thing.l