Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Abbie Smalley

I was reading an article a few days ago, probably something about our fabulous congress, I don't really remember what the article was, but as I'm reading, I come to the word "abysmally".  I'm looking at this word, which I've probably seen many, many, times before in my life, and I see "abbie smalley" in my head.  I'm thinkin' WTF is abbie smalley????  Abbie smalley...It took a few seconds before the word finally registered in my head as abysmally.  God, I'm such a fuckin' dork.

P.S.  I told this to one of the old chix who takes great pleasure in mocking me for the tiniest little spelling or grammatical error.  When I did, I made sure I reminded her that when she read "Eminem", as in famous rapper, she saw "eye num".  The poor boy is no longer our world, he's become "Eye-num"...and then we laugh's the stoopidist thing.