Friday, April 15, 2011

Stoopid Pondering

People say things and you know they're wrong when they say them.  Like's not a word.  Someone at one time combined flustered and frustrated and the idiot who heard them, thinking it was a word, repeated it. (Maybe it was Karl Pilkington...every time I hear the word "idiot" I think of him.) Is this how words are born?  Someone dunders and voilà a new word is born from a dunderism?

When someone famous does it the people in the new word business make it an official word.  Sarah Palin misspoke and said wasn't a word.  Like flustrated, it's a combo of two words...refute and repudiate.  How come when Sarah says it, they make it a real word?  Now I've got nothing against Sarah Palin, but from the utterance of her dunderism, a word was born, and I can't help wondering if that's the case with all words.

This morning I heard a woman on TV say "Never say never".  This makes no sense to me.  Now, I know people say "never say never 'cause it'll bite you in the ass every time".  I'm sure I've probably said it myself.  Doesn't make it right though.  I'd get it if she'd said "Don't ever say never", that would have made sense to me.  But if you're never supposed to say never, aren't you breaking your own rule even as you're making it up?  I'm sure there's a correct term for this, but I don't know what it is. 

I kind of like's not a real word and the word "dunder" is actually the dregs from cane juice used in the distillation of rum.   (I just looked it up.)  I've always used the word "dunder" as a synonym for "bonehead" which probably isn't a "real" word at all.  (Okay...I just Googled both and according to the Urban Dictionary, "dunder" means dirty underwear...LOL...and "bonehead" means an asnine person, usually a male...double LOL)

I know thinking about shit like this is a waste of time, but I can't help it.  Maybe someday dunder will actually be defined the way I choose to use it...maybe I could get Sarah to start using it so the definition could be changed to suit me...obviously I have way too much time on my's the stoopidist thing.