Friday, September 30, 2011


Why do they now make plastic bags that require scissors to open?  I made a cake this weekend (PW Pig Cake...good) and the recipe called for a yellow cake mix.  Easy peasy, right???  Wrong...

They still make it easy to open the cardboard box holding the dreaded plastic bag inside which lies the precious cake mix, but once you get past the cardboard unless you have scissors or a knife...forget it. 

Not only is the bag made of untearable plastic, but the glue holding the top of the bag together is so strong you can't even pull the top part apart.  Oh, I'm sure Hulk Hogan could do it...but for the regular Joe, or in this case,'s impossible.  Is this really necessary????  I think not.

Everything these days has to be hermetically sealed for "safety"...even a wimpy little bag of M&M's at the checkout stand has untearable plastic.  Fortunately these are still sealed with a "weak" glue that lets you separate the top by pulling on each side as are Lay's Potato Chips...(Not that I have personal knowledge about this or anything.)

Occasionally I try to pull a bag apart just out of spite...just to prove that I can do it...I huff & puff...veins pop out on my forehead...and finally it gives...but by then, you're pulling so hard that when it finally gives, the contents of the bag go flying out all over the place. 

So they make the plastic bag holding the cake mix impenetrable, seal the cardboard box holding the cake mix...and still...bugs can get in the mix.  Exactly what are they protecting me from with all the sealing bullshit????

If I were less trusting, I might think there's some kind of conspiracy going on.  You know...sales are down on do we fix that?  Conspire with the plastic manufacturer to create an untearable plastic bag suitable for food, then make sure the extra strength this'll hold anything glue manufacturer is in loop to sell their extra strength this'll hold anything glue to the food plant so they can seal their bags for all eternity...unless you have scissors.

If I were some kind of conspiracy theorist, I just might believe something like's the stoopidist thing.