Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pee Ess Problemos

Here I am with yet another example of my ever apparent brain dysfunction. The Old Chix Grammar Queen, Scari, failed to point out this particular grammatical faux pas. She could've saved me a lot of time had she been slightly more thorough in her critiques.

When I send an email or write anything, sometimes I use a P.S. at the end...almost always for something trivial or unimportant. Sometimes I use more than one. Then I got to wondering if there was a limit to the number of "Pee Esses" you could add...and asked someone...who didn't know either.  I always just added as many as I wanted but I always had to have them in some kind of visual balance that's probably evident only to me...because I am, after all, a member of the extremely large and ever expanding Moronsky family...

For example....


But this is what I see in my head...I'm sure there some weird OCD reason for this that I probably don't want to know about. It's the little tree shape.


I guess in the end, when I visualize the letters I just need them to be symmetrical. If they're not, then I feel compelled to add another so it's balanced in my head.  (Jeeez, when I look at this in writing it sounds really fuckin' cuckoo. It never seemed so cuckoo when it was just in my head.)

Then I got myself all screwed up because I thought about them as the words instead of just you're supposed to. You know, post script, or post scriptum...if you feel the need to be picky,  In a nutshell it means "written after" or "after the writing". I like the second one makes more sense to me...I don't know why.

So all this time the correct abbreviations and words should have been...

P.S.                                                                Post Script              
P.P.S.                                                             Post Post Script
P.P.P.S.                                                          Post Post Post Script

...and on...and on...

This hurts me in my head because I can't have the same number of Pee's and Esses...

It's always wrong to have multiple scripts but posts are limitless... according to every Google Search-worthy site I looked at.  You can have "after the after writing"...PPS... and it makes sense to me. It even makes sense to me to have "after the after after writing"...PPPS.

Here's another weird thing I just realized...I'm saying it in my head as I'm thinking about it...and now I wonder if everybody does this or just me? I hear the rhythm in my head..."after the AFTER after writing"...inflection is very important here...but probably only to me. Apparently I need an audial and visual balance...I never knew how weird I really am.

Now I'm in a quandary...because in my head, PSS works perfectly too . Even the words work for me. PSS...after the writing, writing. Doesn't that mean the same thing as after the after writing? (You may need to hear it in your head the way I do...with inflection...AFTER the writing, writing. Aren't they both the writing after the after writing? So shouldn't P.S.S. be equally acceptable?

Yet another reason for me to be bitter about all the fucking rules I'm expected to follow that I had no voice in's the stoopidist thing.

Pee Ess...This is how I'll do it from now on.