Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stoopid Thing I Did

I did this years ago, proving that not only am I stoopid now, I've always been stoopid.

Once upon a time, I had a little VW Bug. It was a fun car to drive and cheap on gas. Anyway, I stop at the local mini mart to get gas. Park the car at the pump and go in to pay for my gas (this was pre-ATM, pay at the pump days...many moons ago...). So, I go be boppin' in to the store, all fat, dumb and happy, give the clerk my money, walk back out to my car and stand there for a while waiting for the tank to fill up.

Finally done. I put the pump handle back and get into the bug...still all fat, dumb, and happy, look down and see that I forgot to zip my pants up and the tail of my bright turquoise blue, tucked in shirt is sticking out of my fly for all the world to see (I should note here that this was a brief time in my life when I was able to wear a shirt tucked into my pants...pre muffin top days so to speak).

I'm sure everyone was pointing and laughing....hell, I had to laugh. Here I was thinkin' I'm Joe Cool and all the while, I'm just a huge goober.

Looking back, it's painfully obvious that I've never been's the stoopidist thing.