Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Chix

Champagne brunch with the old chix was truly fab. Guess what? All four of us got the "Senior Discount"! First time in my life I've ever gotten a senior discount. Holy shit! When did I get that old??? My friends and I are all "Seniors" now. Who'd a thunk it? But...the senior discount got us free champagne! Two, count 'em, two glasses each! So I'm thinkin' this might not be such a bad gig after all. Pay to eat...drink for free. I like it.

The buffet tables at the brunch had tons of food, and not only breakfast fare. There was Chinese food, Mexican food, salads (which of course I shied away from), desserts, and assorted breads and rolls.

What I ate:

Eggs with cheese
Home Fries (not good)
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Chocolate Pie

What I drank:

Diet Pepsi
Champagne (two free glasses)

And I wonder why I'm fat.

Don't ya love how I wash all that fattening food down with "diet" soda??? Why do fat people always do that? Okay, not always, lots of times they'll wash it down with a giant Big Gulp. Personally, I've never been into the Big Gulp. I have to have a can of Diet Pepsi in a cold cup (old term for coozie). I can nurse one all day long. Grosses most people out. Since I don't drink coffee (I've never actually had coffee) I start each morning with a can of Diet Pepsi. Lasts me most of the day.

Brunch was great though, we spent over three hours laughing and making fun of each other and everyone else we know.

We talked about bras, "Old Wimmen" bras...nothing sexy about our bras let me tell you. My current fave is the Sassybax with underwire. One of the other OC's just got the AAHH Bra (I don't if that's the right name but I'm too lazy to Google it to check). She loves it and it's way cheaper than the Sassybax.

One OC has started going to the gym. I'm personally horrified by this. Just the thought of going out to any type of public exercise venue and letting the world see how truly out of shape I am makes me break out in a cold sweat. I guess I could try taking a Xanex and going but then I'd probably fall off the treadmill thus drawing even more attention to my lack of physical fitness. But now I feel pressured (okay only slightly) to address my complete lack of fitness. My back hurts, my shoulders hurt, my knees and hips hurt. Do I really want to add arms and legs to that list? Because that's what will happen. In addition to all the other aches and pains, I'll just have new ones in my arms and legs.

I should probably think about this seriously though.

And I will.

Right after I finish off the Pioneer Woman Oatmeal Crispies I made last's the stoopidist thing.