Saturday, November 14, 2015

Simplify Whenever Possible

I've come to a point in my life where I want to simplify things...all things. I don't want to make ten trips to town when one will do, but I don't want to spend a lot of time planning.  Therein lies the rub, or is it lays the rub?  I can't remember and in an effort to simplify, I'm just going to go with whatever sounds right to me at the moment so I don't waste time looking shit up. Undoubtedly this will cause horrendous moans and groans from the Scari One, but so fucking what???

Although now that I think about it, it may be simpler to look shit up than spend hours of my life listening to the self appointed Grammar Queen lecture me on the proper usage of lay and lie.  I may have to adjust my levels of simplifying...

When I started writing this blog, I was all paranoid about using my "regular" Yahoo email account...because what if I said something that hurt somebody's feelings? I don't intentionally try to hurt feelings but sometimes the way I see things isn't the way other people see things...and lots of stuff I think is funny doesn't seem funny to the one it's happened to.  (It really is funny though.)

The whole "secrecy" thing started with a fake Facebook page I started to use for work.  So, I had to create an email account for that...on Gmail...I didn't have to use Gmail, but I figured it would be more "secret" than Yahoo.  But then I told someone about it and ended up with Facebook "friends" who now knew that it was my account so I couldn't use it for work anymore.  BUT, I still had the Gmail account.

So originally I used the Gmail account when I started the blog.  At some point, and I don't remember when, it got switched to another "new" Yahoo email account. Then I had two Yahoo accounts and one Gmail account.

It wasn't really a problem at first because if I used Google Chrome, the blogger dashboard would pop up and I could just click on and start writing. But alas, Google wanted to "simplify" things for me.  I had to create a "profile". Somehow, through operator error no doubt, I used the "secret" Yahoo email address instead of the original Gmail one.   The level of confusion deepens with each email address used because I have to have "passwords" for each one...which means I have to "remember" said passwords.

Somehow I ended up with a second "Gmail" address linked to this blog.  Maybe I thought it would be simpler to have and address with the title in the address, i.e,  Who knows???? I can't remember.

So now I have two Yahoo addresses and two Gmail addresses...and only one logs into this site...and this morning I couldn't remember which was which so I ended up wasting time resetting passwords.

Now when you reset passwords on Google and Apple, they won't let you use a password that you've used "recently".  So I can't use old standby's that I've used in the past...ones that I can remember. Nooooo, now I have to make up new ones...ones that I know I'm never going to remember.  I'm sure they're trying to keep everything "secure" and all that, but why can't I use whatever password that I want to use? And now they make you use at least one capital letter and one number or "character". I would call Google and Apple "Password Nazis" but then, someone would get all inflamed about me comparing them to Nazis...because now everybody is supposed to be so fucking politically correct.

Computers were supposed to make everything "simpler". When they first came out everything was going to be more efficient.  And don't get me wrong, the Internet is a great thing if you need information on something.  I mean, you can find out anything on the Internet.  But except for a word processing program or spreadsheet, I don't really think they're that much more efficient.

Every program at work has to have its own "password"...which has to be reset every so often for "security" reasons. And you're told NEVER to write down your password in case someone sees it and uses it for nefarious purposes. Hell, you're not even supposed to trust the people you work with. They even make you sign a "Computer Policy"...acknowledging that you "know the rules".

But if every program has its own password and you're never supposed to write anything down, how do you ever remember ALL THE DIFFERENT FUCKING PASSWORDS?

Answer:  YOU DON'T!

You know what you do?  You go back to the old pre-computer standby that we all know and love...which is why I now have Post It notes with all my email addresses and passwords taped all over where they're in plain view so I never have this problem's the stoopidist thing.

P.S.  I violate the computer policy at work regularly...and so do my co-workers.