Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bacon Mac & Cheese

I went to another town yesterday with Smellie Noellie and we stopped at a little sports bar (The Happy Viking) for lunch that has one of her fave Mac & Cheese dishes...Bacon Mac & Cheese to be specific. We’ve gone a couple of times before and I’ve gotten hooked on the Bacon Mac & Cheese that Smellie forced me to eat...really...she actually shoved it down my throat despite all my protestations that I shouldn’t be eating such a high carb meal. It was heaven...the Mac & Cheese...not the shoving down the throat part...okay, she didn’t really shove it down my throat...and I never really protested about eating high carb anything...but it was her idea to go there originally.

So yesterday I’m in heaven savoring each bite of the cheesy macaroni with smokey bacon knowing there’d be a bunch left over so I could eat it last night. Then the unthinkable happened...

After work, I went to OF’s (Old Friend of undesirable snackage fame) house to ride and I put the container of precious Bacon Mac & Cheese in her fridge. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I didn’t want to leave it sitting in a hot car where it might spoil and give me some horribly gross stomach problems since I would still probably try to eat’s that good.

I was about half way home when I realized I’d left the container sitting in OF’s fridge. Shit...oh well, I’ll just get it tomorrow...I thought.

My phone rang about 7:30 last night. It was OF...

OF: “Hi”

Me: “Hey, what’re you doing?”

OF: “Standing at my sink eating Mac & Cheese”

Me: “It’s good, isn’t it?” “Fuck, fuck, fuck”....I shout silently to myself.

OF: “Yes, what’s in it? Bacon?”

Me: “Yes, isn’t it wonderful”. I’m dying a little bit inside at this point. I want to shout “don’t eat it”...but I can’t.

OF: “Well, I just had a little, I didn’t heat it up, I wanted to make sure you left it for me.”

Me: “You have to heat it up” resigning myself to the fact that my scrumptious snackage is lost to me...really, how can I say “NO I didn’t leave it for you...I’m just stoopid and forgot to take it home”.

You’d think that I’d been starved as a child by my obsession with food, wouldn’t you? Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve never been hungry a day in my life. I don’t know why food is such a big thing for me. It’s the stoopidist thing.