Friday, September 24, 2010


I am a confirmed picker.

I found a little bump under the skin on my face that nobody but me would notice and within seconds turned it into a giant walnut sized lump that automatically draws the attention of anyone who speaks to me.

Even though I know it's the wrong thing to do, I can't help myself. I pick and pick until I draw blood and cause massive swelling. WTF is wrong with me???

Now I have to try to cover it up and there is no concealer made that can make a lump disappear. You can cover up the redness (that now covers three square inches thanks to all the squeezing I've done) but then it'll just looks like a semi flesh tone lump with a drop of blood in the center (because I can't quit until I've drawn blood). Fortunately, most people are too polite to ask "hey, where'd you get that giant walnut hanging off your face?".

Every time I do this I swear I'm never going to do it again but I do it over and over and's the stoopidist thing.